pug mom problems:
-gave bby flea med and then searched brand on internet and found it can cause seizures in some dogs
-started freaking out as chai slept beside me and started twitching
-poked him numerous times to see if he’d wake up
-dog struggle is real
-crate training is real
-thinking about how punishing him after defecating inside will effect his psyche and self-esteem
-bby also can’t eat alone
-do I want to cater to that dependent relationship?
-this language barrier thing kinda sucks
-how bad is it that I’m reinforcing the generalization that bc chai is fucking cute as shit that he can get away with anything/can’t stay mad for more than a sec?
-can rly see how the parental techniques of my parents have been passed down to me and idk how I feel about dat tbh

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hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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